How To Let Go of Resentment Towards Parents: Part 2

How To Let  Go of Resentment Towards Parents Part 2

Welcome to part two of my series of posts discussing how to let go of resentment towards parents.  If you missed part 1, take the opportunity to go back and read the first post.

As mature as we get, we still carry some childhood disappointments and resentments, recognizing them is the first step to letting them go.

Some might still bring tears to your eyes or a feeling of anger.  These are what we are going to work with today.  OK, you had a mother who wanted you to be girlie, but you wanted one that would be proud of your hook shot.  It is common for humans to keep hoping that things will change.  However, by the time Mom comes to your home to age in place, its unlikely she is going to suddenly go shoot with you.  Now that she is living in your house, its time to face that it isn’t going to happen, to let it go so that you can accept who she is and enjoy having her with you.   

You will grieve that sports minded mom that you never had as if she died, because the hope that she will become that mom, is dying.   Most likely just the acknowledgement is enough, but sometimes writing it down and actually burying it is necessary.  But letting that fantasy mom die is important to make room for your real mom.

This step 2 of
how to let go of resentment towards parents prevents that resentment about what you didn’t have from ambushing you at inopportune times. It frees you from bad feelings and it leaves room for you to enjoy the real mom.

Next time we will talk about the actual process of forgiveness and how it will help your process of elder care.

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