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We greatly appreciate all positive feedback we’ve received for our Keep Your Parents At Home book! Here is a small representative sample of what our readers are saying.

This book is useful, readable and helpful.
Margo Arrowsmith shares her personal and professional wisdom in this guide to living with aging parents. She uses her personal journey with her own parents to teach and to illustrate the steps one must take to make clear and thoughtful decisions. This book is useful, readable and helpful to anyone who faces tough decisions about the best situation for their own aging parents. I strongly recommend it!”

-mwk (From Amazon)

Filled with lots of insights and much needed professional information.
“This book is very personal and filled with lots of Margo’s insights as well as the much needed professional information required to make good decisions.   Using these lessons and materials will help you establish a fulfilling routine with your aging parents that will enable you to keep your job and your life.  It will ultimately save you a lot of money too!  This book will make your life easier, perhaps even easier than if your parent was in an institution.”


There’s a resource section in the book I still find myself going to regularly.
“I’d like to give a shout-out to Margo for her book. I actually got the book when my mother-in-law had fallen and broken her hip, and so we had a lot of stuff that we were dealing with as far as taking care of her. I had just gotten to some of the chapters on things you were going to run into and obstacles with taking care of your parents and keeping them at home and that is the goal, to keep her at home. But my husband would say we can’t do this, and I would say ‘Margo says you can do this or that’ and there’s a resource section in the book that I found myself, and I still find myself going to regularly.

It’s a book that is an easy read- I’m not very good at reading so being able to sit down and read this a few minutes here and there and be able to pick up where I left off, it was really helpful in that aspect and I still find myself going back to it. When my husband says something can’t be done, I’ll say “Margo says you can do this” So I recommend the book. Thanks!”


Your Book has such GREAT Information
Margo Your Book has such GREAT Information… One Never thinks about until they are in that situation. It’s very Heartfelt and filled with Love. I am beginning to go through things with My Mom…. It has made it easier that You have taken the time to help others with Your Book.


Keep Your Parents At Home