Assisted Living Facilities

This section of the Keep Your Parents Home website includes access to articles and viewpoints about the pros, cons and considerations that should be present when it comes to assisted living facilities and your adult parent.

I am an advocate for aging in place and know it can usually be worked out. However, there are times when it isn’t feasible, and people for whom living in a facility is the best option.  Regardless of your specific circumstances, my hope is that you will find some helpful information in the articles below. 

Tips To Keep In Mind When Visiting Senior Communities
The article, 1o Tips To Keep In Mind When You Visit Senior Communities, is from Joan Lunden’s website, Each of the ten points are important, but I would add one more. The article suggests asking about cost for laundry, but there are more.  Ask for a list of everything that is an added cost. For example, one place might deliver food to the room, but most charge anywhere from $2 to $10 per meal. Pay special attention to the point about move-out criteria. You don’t want any surprises there. You might also ask about how many people have been asked to leave and specifically why.

Legal Parameters For Senior Care Facilities
This article
is from the law and medicine journal of Cleveland State University . It is limited in that most laws concerning facilities vary from state to state, but it does give an overview of federal laws. Dry, but its 6 pages with lots of space. Worth looking at if you are going to a lawyer and want to know what questions to ask.

Safety Issues To Consider In Assisted Living Facilities
While many assisted living facilities are adequate to wonderful, there are problems to think about. This article from the website points out that abuse can include financial, physical, sexual and neglect among other things. You need to know. While you will have done your research first, things can happen. You might want to consider a nanny cam, and then relax.
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