The mission of Keep Your Parents At Home is pretty self-evident.  We want to provide resources, guidance, and support for families in their efforts to help their adult parents reside safely, securely and happily in their home environment for as long as circumstances permit.

It’s always gratifying to hear back from our members, book readers and site visitors about the difference we have been able to make in families’ lives.  Here is a sampling of some recent kudos and feedback we’ve received.

“When the day comes that you decide to return the favor and take care of your aging parents, you’re going to want to know the various resources available to you. Keep Your Parents Home provides a wealth of valuable information and resources that you probably didn’t know existed. When I thought my mother would need a wheelchair, quick fast and in hurry, Keep Your Parents Home was who I called. And within just one phone call, I had 3 great resources that could provide the wheelchair I thought she would need. They saved me hours of wasted time Googling and also money. In addition to resources, you’ll want to talk with someone who’s been there, gone through what you’re about to, the good, the bad, and sometimes ugly who can do more than just listen, but also empathize. Keep Your Parents Home, or better yet the woman behind the business, has been there and most importantly she genuinely cares. So when that special day comes or if it’s already arrived, consider Keep Your Parents home as your go-to resource for all things concerning care-taking of your loved ones.” – Alice Fuller

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